We have a wonderful committee helping to run this orchestra.

We are all musicians, some of us pursuing it as a career, and some of us just as our favourite hobby, but we are united in our love of orchestral playing and our desire to make ASO as fantastic as we know it can be.

We are very welcoming and friendly, so please do come and speak with us at rehearsals or find us in the pub afterwards.



Hello! I’m Hannah and I am the current Chair, a violinist and founding member of ASO. The orchestra has been a dream of mine for the past few years and I am incredibly excited to see it come to fruition. We have some very ambitious plans for this orchestra and I cannot wait to explore some marvellous repertoire with ASO and our chamber music platform. I am particularly excited for our first ever concert, featuring some astonishing film music and I hope one day we will play Gershwin’s American in Paris – one of my all time favourite pieces.



Hello, I’m Charis and I hold the position of Secretary within the ASO’s committee. I have enjoyed being a violinist in numerous orchestras. Now I hope to be able to give something back to the local amateur music scene as an organiser of this brand new ensemble. Being Secretary has provided me with the opportunity to understand the workings of an orchestra’s smooth running from all angles. Whilst I have held the positions of Orchestra Manager and Ordinary Member for other committees, being Secretary gives me a more holistic perspective on the orchestra’s logistics.



Hi, I’m Robert and I’m the Treasurer for the ASO. I mainly play the French horn, but also viola and violin, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this orchestra develops and grows, along with playing some fantastic music with a fabulous group of people along the way. I’m an Electronic and Electrical Engineering and before that Physics graduate, and I’m interested in learning more about finance through being Treasurer.


Orchestra Manager

Hi, I’m Harry and I’m excited to be working as the Orchestra Manager this year. I’ve always found that playing music brings people together in a way which very few other things do so I’m incredibly excited to meet people who are just as enthused about orchestral playing as I am. I am particularly looking forward to our first concert where we will be performing film music as there is something truly magical about how the music conjures up vision of the film in your head when you hear it.



Hi, I’m Ange and am delighted to be the librarian for Audentior Symphony Orchestra. I’m currently the Head of Strings for a London Music Service; I also conduct and tour with their top string orchestra. I play the viola, (yep, I know ALL the jokes) have freelanced for many years, and am very excited to be part of this fantastic new venture.


Digital Marketing


Hi, I’m (the other) Hannah! I am one of the founding members of ASO and Digital Marketing Officer, which means I am in charge of social media, website design and online publicity. I can be found in the Clarinet section! I don’t even know where to start with what I’m the most excited about – whether it’s working with this talented and hilarious bunch of people, getting to play the fantastic repertoire we’ve got lined up, or meeting everyone who’s reading this right now!


Publicity Officer

My name is Daisy and I’m the publicity officer for ASO. It’s basically my responsibility to make sure people know about us – whether they’re potential players or audience members. I try to get us coverage from local media and advertise in any way I can to get our name out there. I’m a violinist and I’m super excited for our debut concert – it’s going to be a fab way to start what will hopefully be years of music-making!